North Holland Horse Trials

10 t/m 12 april 2020

CCI2*-L / CCI3*-S / CCI3*-L / CCIP2-L / M Paarden (nationaal)



We, the organization and all the volunteers who enable us to organise this happening, give you a warm welcome to the sixth edition of the North Holland Horse Trials and thank you for the interest you have shown in our event.

In order of a flawless and safe event we have a set of rules where everyone should be committed to.

We ask for your special attention to these rules:
- For each person / user apply the following rules during the event:
- The person who causes damage to the premises and / or the property is always responsible for (the amount of) the caused damage
- In all public (covered) areas and stable complexes Smoking is prohibited
- Keep the area clean; Throw trash away in the appropriate containers on the premises
- Stable Complexes and saddle areas are not open to public
- Parking only at the appropriate locations shown by the parking attendants
- During the cross country it is not allowed to enter the course. There is a route for spectators
- Spectators should behave quietly and move only on public trails.
- Ask children not to run and / or scream. A horse’s nature is to run away.
- By entering this area you agree that films and photos that are made may be used for promotional and commercial purposes, without any rights being derived.
- It is forbidden to sell and / or offer products for sale without the permission of the organization.
Thank you for your cooperation and have lots of fun!

Temporary campsite:
-For each truck or tent you get a receipt for the first electricity-connection (included) at the Secretariat.
The receipt is handed to the equerry, after which he takes care of 1 connection per receipt
-In setting up temporary housing, you need to follow the instructions of the equerry.
-Take notice of all those who are present.
-Making open fire is prohibited. It is allowed to use a barbecue on coal or on gas only when water is present in case of any emergencies.
-Between 23:00h and 06:00h the night’s sleep on site should be maintained.

These site rules can be adjusted /or supplemented at any time by the organization and/or the Directorate of arena Beukers. Indications of previously mentioned must be followed at all times.